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Passion for Cotton

From sowing to commercialization

At the service of the textile industry




It is a young company oriented to continue the important work carried out by our families since the thirties, who worked in favor of the progress of the field and the Mexican textile industry.


Our main objective is to build a productive chain from sowing to the commercialization of cotton in the most efficient way possible to achieve a cycle that benefits all the participants of the








 One of the main goals of our organization is to minimize this deficit, promoting the Mexican countryside so that the generated economic income remains in our country.


Today, we have improved the traditional processes of the company, making use of new technologies to achieve greater efficiency in service and product quality and leadership in the management of information on the New York market trends.


Ocampo 130 Ote.

Col centro.

Torreón Coahuila, CP 27100

Tel:  871 717 40 00